Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Dear Friends of MyMuscleVideo.com!

This is my first newsletter to you since I started MyMuscleVideo.com in October last year.
It's been a little more than three months and a lot of things have happened. MMV is getting
more popular every day. There are close to 500 videos up now and more coming every day.
For that I thank all users of MyMuscleVideo.com who uploaded their videos and help grow
our Muscle Video Community.

First thing you might realize is, I put up a new Adult Video Section. You can check it out right now:
I have noticed that more and more adult videos made it to MyMuscleVideo.com. And from the
feedback I got a lot of you users seem to enjoy that. However, other users feel offended
by sex videos. So I had to make a decision. I believe in freedom of speech and everybody
should be able to share what they want. From now on, you find all Adult Videos in the
special section, Non-Adult videos stay where they are.

Next, I want to thank all members of MyMuscleVideo.com who send me a donation to help maintaining
this site. I really appreciate it. You might know that Youtube to this day doesn't make a dime.
Providing videostreams costs a lot of bandwidth. I have already had to upgrade to a bigger server
to keep up with the growth. So without begging, if you have a few bucks to spare, please consider

I received some bug reports from you about video uploads. There seems to be two kind of upload
problems that occur to some, but not all users who share videos:
1. You upload a video and after a while you get a blank screen. Later you notice that the video
has been uploaded but it doesn't play. (Typical sign is the video shows runtime 0.00)
In that case your video has been sucessfully uploaded and encoded, however I have to manually fix
an entry in the database to make it play. That sometimes takes a while since I have to go to
work and cannot check during the day (and night when i sleep ;-)
2. You upload a video and it says, upload successful, but your video is not there. I have heard
about that a few times, and honestly, I don't know yet why this is.

So if anybody of you happens to be proficient in PHP and SQL, drop me a line, or if you happen
to be rich, make a big donation (*smile*) so that I can hire someone to go through all the code
and look out for the bug, then we kill that beast and you can upload freely and happily ever after.

Last but not least, I want to encourage you all to share your muscle videos with us. Help this site
grow and become THE resource for muscle and bodybuilding videos. (If you got some adult videos, you
know where they should go ;-)
Write comments, rate videos and form groups. And if you experience bugs, have suggestions or can
think of new features, just let me know!

I wish you a -late- happy New Year


Friday, October 20, 2006

MMV launched

Hey folks,
we have launched MyMuscleVideo.com about a week ago. Looks like it's working fine except for a few minor bugs. You can now upload your muscle video or just watch and relax. If you have any trouble with the site, let us know. And tell your friends about MMV!!!

I keep you updated


My Muscle Video

My Muscle Video
has been successfully launched. After just a week we have over 1000 visitors a day. You can now upload your muscle video or just watch and relax.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MyMuscleVideo.com opening soon!!

Hello World!

Soon you can start sharing your muscle videos at mymusclevideo.com

Details follow...